“Just some feedback in respect of the courses you have ran for us in the past couple of weeks. The guys who attended the courses have provided nothing but positive feedback. They have expressed how enjoyable both courses were and the level of technical knowledge given was excellent by both instructors. The use of available facilities around site was welcomed to give actual real time training was mentioned by a number of students. Even those who have been operating for a number of years admitted learning something new which shows that upgrade and refresher is essential to the business.You can be assured that we will be returning to you regularly for training in the future. ”
“Further to our conversation this morning after another successful induction session with the FLT drivers I would like to formalise my comments regarding the quality of the training you have provided. The induction session you have developed is first class and considering the training content and the nature of the audience (sometimes fatigued and irritable) you have delivered a difficult subject with utmost professionalism and competence. As I’ve been present during most of the sessions to date I have been particularly impressed with your knowledge about the practicalities of lift truck operation and how you have related this to the daily activities of these operators. I am very happy to be contacted by anyone who would like any additional or further information regarding the induction you are delivering  in a significant and critical risk area.”
“Morgan Training Solutions consistently provide a flexible, high-quality, and cost-effective service for our business. They address all of our plant-equipment training requirements across the country.”
"We have always been very pleased with the professionalism and ease of using Morgan Training Solutions in the upskilling of our staff. Today we had a new instructor in place of Steve who normally attends site and has previoulsy set the bar very high with our expectations and we just wanted to express our gratitude to you all for covering our requirements so quickly and professionally.  He was polite, engaging, knowledgeable and a fantastic ambassador to both himself and by association Morgan Training Solutions.  Morgan Training have yet another great associate in their team and whilst we would expect no less, sometimes maintaining those high standards is a challenge." "Again, the course was a huge success, delivered in such a way that it was not boring, it was made light hearted and serious when required. We are all grateful for the knowledge. We all felt that it would be a waste of time as we were competent users, but no I can see the benefits and have to concede that that it was anything but a waste of time. A real professional service from initial contact to completion. We will certainly recommend and know where to come if we need any conversions training." "It was your last visit to our site and the professionalism shown with real life understanding that is the reason way we have chosen your services again. You deliver what we require as a business, you work with us to deliver the high standard we strive to attain and our staff are confident under your guidance.  Why would we look elsewhere – thanks for your continued support."